1. We will post an announcement in #no-war-announcement or #farm-america-announcement that includes clan information and some basic information.

2. The CWL clan will be opened, you join the clan you are asked to. We are not able to start CWL before signup has actually started. You can find a timer in-game in the events tab. It is recommended to join before-hand

3. War will be started at some point after CWL event starts. You can head back to your main clan after CWL search has started. When requesting to join back the main clan, please include “back from CWL”

4. You have to stay in the main clan at all times, except for CWL attacks. It is important to do so as we will do FWA wars alongside CWL.

5. Follow the instructions in your CWL channel.


1. We will be doing CWL and regular FWA wars at the same time so you need to keep your FWA war base active AT ALL TIME – If you have a WAR BASE in FWA that is an INSTANT KICK.

2. Do NOT linger in the CWL clan unnecessarily. Hop over to attack and return to your main clan immediately. You should not take more than 15 minutes.

3. Follow the war plan in your assigned CWL channel on discord.

Please let a leader know if your target was taken or you are switching targets.

4. Be prepared before leaving. Make sure you have your entire army trained before leaving. If you want a scout in your CWL feel free to join with an alt – notify in your CWL channel and you can be promoted to elder.

4. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MAIN CLAN ISN’T IN WAR. FWA sync is approaching anytime – ask for permission for exceptions.

5. Turn your INVITES ON, so we can send you invites back.

6. Bookmark your CWL clan so you do not get lost.


Q: Do we face war bases or FWA bases in CWL?
A: War Bases

Q: How do I get the bonuses?
A: Players having the highest donated + received present in each CWL clan win bonus. It might vary if you previously won a bonus.

Q: Can I have a war base? I’ll remember to change to my base.
A: No, we want everyone to set FWA base for the sake of consistency

Q: Do we ever win? What’s the point of losing all the CWLs?
A: We do occasionally win. We earn a decent number of medals just by losing, see “How many medals will I get?”.

Q: Can my mini/alt account join your cwl?
A: Yes, You can add alts in CWL. You can also join Master 1 clans as benchwarmers for the base medals if you don’t intend to play.

Q: How do I know when the war starts?
A: There is a command that you can use in your CWL channel on discord called *round. If you type *round followed by the clan tag of your CWL clan, it will tell you how long is left until the next CWL round.

Q: How do you do both FWA and CWL together, won’t there be a war timer?
A: No. CWL war timer is separate from regular war timers.

Q: How do you track donations when we hop to CWL every day?
A: There are alternate ways of tracking the donations through Clashperk bot. It keeps track of donations even if you hop.

Q: How do I maximize medals?
A: You should get at least 8 stars during the entire cwl. Only new stars count. If you attack a base that is 1 starred and get 2 stars you will get 1 star.

See the table below for further details.

Q: How many medals will I get?
A: Please see the below table. (This assumes you have gotten 8 stars)

Q: How many bonuses are there? How many medals is the bonus?
A: One win is one additional bonus. See the table below for everything else. Always assume no wins.

Leaders reserve the right to ban anyone from CWL or forbid you from getting the bonus.

Common reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Taking too long to come back from CWL.
  • Missing FWA attacks while not missing CWL attacks.
  • Going over to the CWL clan without finishing your FWA attacks if instructed to do so.
  • Failure to follow simple instructions and hopping when not asked to.

Last updated: 19.01.2022

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